Market Hall

Charleston, South Carolina

Client: City of Charleston

Scope of Services: Historic Structure Report; Existing Condition Assessment; Building Monitoring through Seasonal Changes; Assessment for Museum Environment; Archaeological Clearance; Earthquake Retrofitting; Hurricane Retrofitting; Historic Paint and Finish Analysis; Comprehensive Interior and Exterior Restoration.

Market Hall (1841) is a National Historic Landmark, the master work of one of the most acclaimed architects of the lower Atlantic states at mid-nineteenth century, Edward Brickell White.  The two-story building is the western terminus of the three-block-long string of brick sheds that formed a green market.  At ground floor level was the meat market of the complex; at the second floor was a public meeting hall.

In 1899 the United Daughters of the Confederacy acquired a long-term lease for the second-floor meeting hall and installed a museum.  Almost a hundred years later, the same exhibit cases remained and the only environmental control was space heaters.  JKOA restored the building inside and out to its appearance just prior to the War Between the States, and converted the upstairs into a modern museum facility.  The building’s structural system was retrofitted for earthquake and hurricane conditions; large storm windows with UV filters were installed; museum-quality HVAC system was installed; the metal roof replaced; decorative ironwork repaired; exterior stonework and stucco conserved and limewashed. On the interior the decorative plaster elements were repaired, decorative finishes exposed and replicated, and period colors reapplied on both interior and exterior.

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