Coolmore Plantation

Tarboro, North Carolina

Client: Private Owner/Preservation North Carolina

Scope of Services: Building Recordation and Cultural Landscape Report (Funded by the Getty Grant Program)

Coolmore Plantation (1858-1860) is one of the great antebellum complexes of North Carolina, consisting of an Italian Villa style plantation house and an array of outbuildings of similar appearance. The designer, Baltimore architect E. G. Lind, a recent immigrant from England, brought with him the crews to execute the work. The architect also selected the interior furnishings and decorative finishes to complete his designs of the buildings. An 1850s copy of A.J. Downing’s The Architecture of Country Houses, Including Designs for Cottages and Farm-Houses and Villas, still in the library of the owner, indicates an awareness of the importance of a planned landscape. Onsite investigations confirmed the planned implementation of designed interrelationships between buildings and site.

Remarkably, the house and outbuildings remain intact including the lavish original interior finishes and original furnishings; the site retains significant elements of its original landscape design. Assistance from the Getty Grant Program was provided to document the house, outbuildings and landscape, and assess the conditions of all the buildings, the finishes and furnishings.

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