The Hermitage

Home of Andrew Jackson
Nashville, Tennessee

Client: The Ladies’ Hermitage Association

Scope of Services: Condition Assessments; Multiple-Phased Restorations

The Hermitage, a National Historic Landmark, was the home of General and seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson and his wife Rachel. The two-story brick mansion was rebuilt with Greek Revival embellishments after a fire in 1834. The property retains important outbuildings including the contemporary brick Kitchen and Smokehouse, and two early log houses, Alfred’s Cabin, a slave cabin, and the First Hermitage, the Jackson family’s first home. Also on the grounds are extensive gardens and the Jacksons’ graves.

JKOA undertook a phased restoration of the buildings. At the mansion and its outbuildings, Condition Assessments were completed, sections of masonry were repointed, areas of deteriorated wood trim were repaired, and the gutters/downspouts and rainwater dispersal system redesigned and replaced. In addition, at the Mansion the front portico was extensively rebuilt and sand paint applied, and the 1970s-era replacement acanthus leaves of the entrance column capitals were replaced with more accurately carved reproductions.

At the log buildings, Alfred’s Cabin and the First Hermitage, extensive repairs of the logs were made, infill chinking installed, and daub applied. In addition, new wood shingle roofs were installed and various exterior trim pieces repaired.

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