South Carolina Society Hall

Charleston, South Carolina

Client: South Carolina Society

Scope of Services: Post-Storm Repairs; Condition Assessment; Feasibility Study; Addition

The South Carolina Society is a fraternal organization dating from the eighteenth century. One of its members, the noted gentleman architect Gabriel Manigault, designed this building for the organization. Construction was completed in 1804. In 1825, a two-story Greek Revival style portico was added that extends over the sidewalk and rests on four columns at the curb. The building continues to serve as the meeting hall for the South Carolina Society. The second-floor hall can be rented for special events.

JKOA conducted repairs, new construction, and updating of the historic building. After repair of roof damages from a storm, a full building condition assessment was conducted coupled with a feasibility study to add a wing for kitchen, ancillary services, secondary stairs and elevator. Construction of the wing was coordinated with installation of handicapped-accessible restrooms, installation of central HVAC system, fire detection/suppression systems, and general repairs to plaster walls and ceilings throughout the building.

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