Miles Brewton House

Charleston, South Carolina

Client: Private Owner

Scope of Services: Building Investigations; Historic Paint and Finish Analysis; Wallpaper Analysis; Interior/Exterior Restoration

Constructed during the years 1765-69 for prominent entrepreneur Miles Brewton, the house is attributed to master builder Ezra Waite. It was intended to be the finest house in Charleston and it is arguable that it still is. The Miles Brewton House is widely considered to be one of the finest Georgian townhouses in America.

This National Historic Landmark has the rare distinction of having been the headquarters for two invading armies, the British during the American Revolution and Union forces at the end of the Civil War.

During the course of JKOA’s restoration, missing sections of fine wood carvings were replicated, plasterwork was conserved, period paint colors were applied, wallpapers were replicated from savaged fragments, plaster wallpaper borders were replicated from recovered fragments, gilded compo ceiling decorations were replicated, fireplace tiles were identified from fragments and replicated, missing sections of decorative ironwork were replicated, new electrical and plumbing systems were installed, a museum-quality environmental system was installed, crystal chandeliers were retrofitted, a residential elevator was installed, and modern kitchen and bathrooms were installed.

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