Broward House

Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve
Jacksonville, Florida

Client: National Park Service

Scope of Services: Historic Structure Report

Born to well-to-do parents but orphaned at a young age, Napoleon Bonaparte Broward as a flamboyant and burly adult made his fortune in the late nineteenth century running guns to the revolutionaries in Spanish Cuba. He was elected to the Jacksonville city council, then the state legislature and next the office of governor. As a campaign tactic, he apologized for his poor vocabulary and lack of social graces but promised that he was honest and a hard worker, to which the public responded positively. As governor he expanded funding for the state university system; he also promoted the drainage of the Everglades, an action of whose merits he was certain. He was lastly elected to the United States Senate, but died before he could take office. This 1878 house, recently acquired by the National Park Service, was his summer retreat.

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