Church of St. James, Santee

McClellanville, South Carolina

Client: Private Organization

Scope of Services: Condition Assessment/ Master Plan; Design of Caretaker’s House

The brick church was constructed in 1768 to serve a congregation of colonists of French Huguenot descent. The name “Santee” derives from a nearby branch of the Santee River also known as the “French Santee.” Except for a mid-nineteenth century modification to the rear, the church retains its original design, including box pews and original interior paint finishes. The church has never been electrified or plumbed. The church is a chapel of ease; an annual service is conducted in French and the building is open on other occasions for special services.

When modern-day vandals made repeated trips to the isolated rural church, a neighboring property owner donated an adjacent parcel of land for the construction of a house to serve as a caretaker’s residence.

JKOA’s first phase of services was the design of the house. The second phase of services was a Condition Assessment/ Master Plan with Recommendation for Repair to guide subsequent maintenance efforts.

  1. 4 St. James
  2. 5 St. James