St. Mary’s Church, Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina

Client: St. Mary of the Annunciation Roman Catholic Church

Scope of Services: Condition Assessment; Phased Restoration

Known as The Mother Church of Catholicism in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, this building constructed in 1839 is the third church building on the site of the first Catholic congregation of the region.

The project included a Condition Assessment and a multi-phase restoration plan. The first phase concentrated on making sound the exterior of the building envelope. The work included the removal of a harmful elastic coating previously applied to the building’s masonry walls, repair to the stucco and stonework, application of a compatible stucco coating, repair of the decorative iron fence and gates, gilding of the pediment cross, and replication of early paint colors including faux marbeling of the portico columns. Additional phases have included installation of storm windows to protect the stained glass windows, replacement of the electrical system, and installation of a new lighting system for the interior artwork, some of which dates to the previous church building and was installed when the current church was constructed.