Inherent to any successful long-term preservation effort is an understanding of both the building’s physical evolution and the performance characteristics of the building’s components.

JKOA regularly conducts historical document research in conjunction with building archaeology to develop a clear understanding of the building’s physical changes over time as well as the building’s historical significance.

The firm’s investigations of a building’s physical state and the identified patterns of deterioration determine conditions to be conserved/repaired as well as earlier design and construction deficiencies to be remedied.

After the results of the research, investigations and testing are in hand, plans and specifications are custom designed for the specific property from schematic and design development through construction document phases, followed by construction administration.

A full range of planning, research, testing and design services are available through the firm including:

Architectural Recording, Design & Construction Administration

  • Measured Drawings and HABS/HAER Documentation of Existing Buildings
  • Comprehensive Interior and Exterior Restoration
  • Design for Adaptive Use of Existing Buildings
  • Design for New Building in an Historic Context
  • Programming and Space Planning
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Cost Estimates
  • Additions to Existing Buildings

Building Diagnostics & Material Conservation

  • Existing Condition Surveys
  • Conservation Specifications
  • Integration of Material Analyses and Non-Destructive Testing


  • Construction Cost Estimates
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Master Plans
  • Building Maintenance Plans
  • State and Federal Rehab Tax Credit Applications
  • Assistance with Grant Applications
  • Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Preservation
  • LEED


  • Historic Structure Reports
  • Building Code Analysis
  • Accessibility and ADA Compliance Assessments
  • Integration of Historic Paint and Finish Analyses, Dendrochronology, and Interior Furnishings Plans